Seven useful tricks to be a better player in Minecraft server

24 November, 2022

Seven useful tricks to be a better player in Minecraft server

The server where gaming professionals and top rank players compete with each other at the topmost level. It is an open world of gamers where they can connect. This service provider gives the facility to allow them to play with their friends in a group. Minecraft server has gained their ground from their alternatives

Useful tips for performing better in this playing server 

As these servers are flooded with tons of top rank players which make it very hard for initial players to compete with them. Top rank players had spent long hours exploring tips and tricks, which help them to increase their strength on a regular interval. And helps them to stay at the top. Let's discuss some of the significant techniques from which we can stay at the top for a longer time.

Placing torch on the table- putting your game torch on the top of the table will give you a practical advantage in-the game. By this trick, the player will be disappeared under grass and making it sure that we kill all our enemies in a short time.

Arranging signs

arranging the small symbols altogether with little details, can easily make our strong wall which enables our enemies to kill and reach to us. The wall which had been made by the usage and arrangement of small stalks incorrect manner helps each player to have a safeguard from other players.

We have slabs that are fireproof

as Minecraft server has majorly wooden tiles and our competitors have firebugs with them. Which can quickly burn us and we can be easily killed in a game. Arranging pieces of copper and steel in play will help us in more prolonged survival of our game character in the sport.

Lava buckets

whenever we find lava bucket in game. Make sure that we store it in our bag because it acts as the best fuel for us. Having a decent amount of lava in our storeroom will make sure our more prolonged survival in-game and always have the upper hand from our competitors.

Diamond level

as the name suggests reaching the diamond level, makes sure that we have become a professional player. In the Minecraft server, this will bring our dominance over other players. As mentioned above, storing more lava in our storeroom will give us more R.P points this ensures more life in the game.

Making your door zombie-proof

in these game zombies is considered to be the most potent elements in-the game. So making your door zombie-proof is essential, so by making more prominent blogs and rolling it with fence makes it zombie-proof. This will makes sure that you are safe from the zombie.

Pumpkin head- as mentioned above, zombies is one of the most powerful creatures in the game. But with the help of pumpkin, we are safe from a zombie, as they will be scared of us even we will attack them, they will not strike back at us.