Best Minecraft anarchy servers

18 January, 2023

Best Minecraft anarchy servers

I sort of returned to my roots lately, playing on Minecraft anarchy server again. They're about as fun as Minecraft can be for me and I can't really leave that behind. With that said, I decided to post a list of my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers so you guys can try them out on your own and enjoy the game mode too.


Minewind is one of those servers that just draws you in with the classic Minecraft experience, letting you enjoy the game just the way it was meant to be played in the olden days. When there weren't as many rules and most importantly people playing on the same servers were usually just a group of friends having fun and trying out the game that just came out. While that's true, they also offer plenty of fun and interesting events, letting you win their custom currency, which you can then use to buy various unique blocks and tools.

Purity Vanilla

Purity vanilla, like the name suggests, offers a true vanilla experience of the Minecraft, letting you play the game that wowed the community all those years ago. It's a completely different take on the anarchy game mode to most other servers, being that it's basically just a vanilla servers with no gameplay plugins, no teleports and no server-determined economy. It's one of the purest Minecraft servers out there. That also obviously puts it in the anarchy category since they strictly only enforce hacking and cheating.

These are my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers, while the Minecraft server list might contain other anarchy servers, they're at least a few rungs below these two, in my opinion of course.