Minecraft prison servers

Minecraft prison is not exactly a new game mode by any stretch of the imagination, however I haven’t really given it a chance before a while ago since it always seemed weird to me, because I always counted freedom to explore and do what you want to be one of the biggest upsides of Minecraft. Minecraft prison servers obviously flip this on its head, like the name suggests “imprisoning” you in-game till you can work off your debt, which takes place in a fictional Minecraft prison realm. While there are obviously a few red flags that quickly popped up when I first tried it out, I soon learned that it’s in fact not so much limiting you in how you can play the game, as giving you structure and a goal to strive toward. Many players are turned off by Minecrafts open-endedness and a lack of a clear objective, since most of the gamers tend to enjoy completing their missions and moving on as opposed to having to find your own reason to play.

Minecraft prison while it may seem like a very limiting and anxiety inducing activity is actually anything but, since you get to just play the game you’re used to but with an added bonus of being able to put a finger directly on what you want to achieve, that is rank up all the way to the end and earn your freedom. There are many strategies and ways to go about doing this, with players picking whichever they feel like resonates the best with them, all the way from just foraging around and finding rare blocks, to ambushing people and making off with their loot and even trading their way out. It really offers something to every type of player out there. Which is also probably why most every Minecraft server list has it listed among one of it’s major categories and it being one of the more popular game modes despite it’s and Minecrafts age.