13 Fun Tips and Strategies

24 January, 2023

13 Fun Tips and Strategies

There's something really addictive in all the right ways about Minecraft.
I mean this is a game who's only limits are the players imaginations and skill, millions upon millions of players are involved in the community around the game and even the change to play Minecraft…

What could make free Minecraft even more fun? Some tips, tricks and strategies of course!

I've tried to include a nice mix of beginners and more experienced player ideas. Hope you like them and have a blast mining!
In this case 13 IS a lucky number!

Give Yourself Some Backup Air Pockets

Having some backup air pockets is like having money in the bank.
You may not think you need them when you are caught up in the moment, but a little thought and preparation can save you time and get you further in the long run.
Also may save your neck too, which is always nice, isn't it?

Safety First – Above and Below!

Now many times common sense pays off in this thought provoking.
In most cases its not a smart idea to mine or dig right above or below you!
Unless you want to get squished by falling sand or fall into some red hot lava below. Think SAFETY first and keep these things in mind!

Bring Extra Stuff

This is one fun game where being prepared pays off and then some.
This is one of the big reasons why Minecraft is so challenging and mind expanding.
Before you head off on your quest for adventure; make a list of what you think you will need – appropriate for where you are going!
Those extra logs or wheat will come in handy.

Mountains Are A Source of Great Things

In your explorations take some extra time digging around your mountain areas.
These are often a great spot to grab things like iron and cobblestone too.
This is why miners have always love mountains and so should you! This little beginners tip can carry you far, my friend.

Mods Can Be Epic!
If you want to make your game even more up, close and personal why not check out the mod scene?
You can change the whole look of Minecraft and increase your skills too.
Do a few searches and explored some of the great sites. If you are real good at it, it may be a sign you have game designer blood pumping in your heart!
You wouldn't be the first person Minecraft inspired to even bigger creative things, would you? Of course not!

Coal Can Count Big Time
Don't be in such a rush to pass up that coal!
Beyond light being nice, or needing to cook some dinner, the smooth walls of a castle may make their ways into your plans and strategies.
There's lots of less useful and interesting things than coal, that's for sure!

Save Before the Big Bang
Explosives can be seriously dangerous!
Its a smart tip to always save before you use them and some unexpected disaster comes crashing down on you.
Saving makes sure your hard work and progress don't go up in smoke or gone in a bang!
That's thinking ahead, before you lose your head!

Break Open the Books
Here's another reason why Minecraft is so much fun and adventure for so long.
Not only can you play Minecraft for free, but you can really invest some time in learning all sorts of cool things to do from the almost countless number of online guides.
Jump on Google and take a look at how many guides there are!
Clearly imagination is the only limit in this world and lost of people are pushing their imaginations to the absolute limit and beyond. You can too.

Protect Your House
Its a matter of pride and principle to keep your house as safe as possible.
Having it plundered can be really embarrassing! My favorite trick? Use lava as a barrier around your house as a means to discourage unwanted visitors.
With any luck it may deep fry a thief or two!
We can always hope, can't we?

Patience is Rewarded
Patience is certainly rewarded in these parts!
A good idea is to keep backups of all game folders, so if a update causes chaos to your games mods you can always fall back on your backups to set things straight.
Having the patience to have made these backups will reward you one day sooner or later. Mine have plenty of times and spared me some unnecessary heart break too! We work hard for our stuff!

Creativity Counts
Experiment, experiment, experiment! Just do it away from your home.
I accidentally burned my own crib down a few times. Kind of embarrassing, but I learned lots from the experience.
Like no fireplaces in wood homes! Ha, ha!

You Can Stop Water
Not many new players know it but a sign, a trap door and even a nifty ladder will stop the flow of water is if they were a magic spell.
This is a wonderful way to make a pool of water with a cave underneath. Very cool, right?

Your Imagination Is the Only Limit
If you feel like your game is getting a bit dry totally flip the switch and move in the opposite direction.
Skip the mountain and dive deep underwater. Explore the desert and more.
You get the idea, and if you're still stumped hunt down some ideas on the Internet – they aren't hard to find at all, just use Google.
This is a game where only your imagination is the limit, so expand Minecraft by expanding your imagination! Big excitement awaits, trust me!

I really hope you dig my lucky 13 tips, tricks and strategies. If you're interested in playing Minecraft for free I'd love to see you scroll up, click the link and download a premium account right now!
You can even share some tips and tricks in the comments section. I'd love to heard them. In Minecraft knowledge is the beast weapon and brings the most fun too!